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  1. Orange County Roofing Tips: How to Safely Clean Your Roof

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    As Fall sets in and Winter starts to be a looming reality, many homeowners will tackle the challenge of removing leaves and other debris from their roofs and gutters, and some will even be tempted to save money by personally installing a new roof.

    While cleaning is a general good “best-practice” that can help the overall health of your roof and prolong its longevity, it can also be seriously dangerous. And though saving money can seem like a fantastic idea at the time, being your own roofer has some factors that you should seriously consider. So before you clamber up that ladder this year, read today’s article for some great tips to safely clean your roof and why you should consider a professional roofer in Orange County.

    Tips for Cleaning Your Roof

    Your personal safety has to be front and center, and that starts with how you access the roof: the ladder. Follow these 5 steps for ladder safety:

    1. Inspect your ladder for any damage, slippery substances on the rungs, and to ensure that the feet and rung locks are working properly.
    2. Py attention to your surroundings, never place your ladder near power lines.
    3. Set the ladder at a 75° angle with the ground by setting the feet of the ladder away from the wall about ¼ of the total length of the ladder.
    4. Secure the feet and ensure that they are parallel to the wall and on firm, level ground and ensure that the top of the ladder is secure and that both side rails are placed on an even surface and equally supported, meaning the ladder doesn’t slide or wobble when you put weight against it.
    5. As you climb, only use the rungs to climb as opposed to using the side rails and maintain 3 points of contact while climbing the ladder by climbing one rung at a time and moving only one hand or one foot at a time. When you dismount the roof, hold onto the ladder with both hands.

    With a pitched roof, one with a slant, you need to consider additional safety.

    1. Wear loose-fitting clothing and rubber-soled shoes for traction.
    2. Avoid rain and wind.
    3. Pay attention to your surroundings/where you walk.
    4. Use roof brackets or roof jacks.
    5. Utilize a roof harness.

    Consider the Risks of Being Your Own Roofer

    While replacing a single shingle is easy enough and there are plenty of videos available that will walk you through it, completing a DIY roof in Orange County has a few risks that you should take into consideration.

    1. Residential roof are more than high enough to seriously injure or kill.
    2. Lack of experience & professional skills can cost more in the long run.
    3. Expense of tools required for the job.
    4. Inexperience with unexpected or troublesome issues.
    5. DIY generally takes much longer than a professional contractor.

    Call Our Orange County Roofing Pros

    California Roof Life has been providing professional roofing services in Orange County for over 30 years. Whether you need roof repair, roof restoration or a complete re-roof, our experts have your home and you covered. From our selection of high-quality materials to our fully licensed, bonded & insured technicians, California Roof Life does roofing right! Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate for all your Orange County roofing needs.


  2. Tips from Your Local Roof Company in Orange County: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Minor Roof Leaks

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    We are all guilty of delaying problems with our home. You think that if you ignore it, the problem will magically go away. But, when it comes to roof leaks, this is definitely not the case. You may think that living with small leaks is manageable, but it really isn’t something that you should ignore for long. So, let’s find out what you can do about roof repairs once and for all.

    Professional Roof Repairs

    You may think that you are saving money by delaying your roof repair. But, actually, you will end up spending more money in the long run. This is because what starts as a minor roof issue can become a major problem over time. Nobody wants to spend a fortune or end up having to get a new roof; so, make sure that you act fast when you think there is a problem!

    Since your roof is an integral part of your home, it is important to have roof repairs completed as soon as possible. This should be carried out by a professional roof company in Orange County to make sure it is done properly. They will use high-quality materials to fix the leaks permanently, not temporarily. Plus, they will be able to inspect other areas of your roof and make sure you have no other problems that you didn’t know about, such as broken gutters and cracked shingles. A professional will know exactly how to fix it and identify the causes of the issues you are experiencing and be able to carry out roof repairs safely.

    When it comes to roof repairs, it is never worth trying to do the job yourself. It can be dangerous climbing up a ladder onto your roof and accidents are more common than you think, especially by people that do not know what they are doing. A professional will have all the right equipment and tools. So, why give yourself extra work when you do not have to, right?

    Get Your Roof Inspected by Orange County’s Premier Roof Company

    The best way to deal with roof repairs is by calling in the professionals. California Roof Life are here to help and have the expertise you need to get rid of your roof leaks once and for all. A hardworking team member will inspect your roof and see what the problem is before they repair it.

    Contact us today for a free quote on repairing your roof!



  3. Orange County Roofing Tips for Homeowners

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    It is easy to forget about your roof. But, just like the rest of your home, it has to be taken care of on a regular basis to make sure it is the best it can be. That is why homeowners should make sure that they clean their roof throughout the year and keep up with regular maintenance and roof repairs.

    A Clean Roof for Your Home

    So, why is it important to clean your roof? Well, the roof of your home faces all of the elements. From raining to heavy winds, your roof takes it all and this means that dirt and debris naturally gather up there. Of course, because you can’t see it, it is easy to ignore it or put off the problem until another day. Yet, with some simple cleaning, your roof will look great and it won’t take you that long.

    Make sure to remove all of the debris first. This includes leaves and branches from your drains and anywhere they are gathering together. Then you can use a cleaning solution and scrub the shingles with water and a broom. The bristles will be a good way to get rid of stains without damaging the shingles. Regular cleaning will prevent the development of algae and moss on the top of your roof. Just be careful when you are on a ladder to reach your roof; not paying attention will lead to accidents and nobody wants that.

    Most importantly, if you discover any of your shingles that are broken or any damage on your roof, it is important to choose an Orange County roofing service to have the problem repaired as soon as possible. If the damage is left, it will get worse and mean that you face more expensive repairs later on or even a roof replacement. So, just be sure to act fast to make sure that the structure of your roof isn’t jeopardized and there is not a hole burned in your pocket.

    Get a Lasting Roof!

    Everyone wants their roof to last a long time and the way you can make sure this happens is through regular maintenance and having any problems repaired as soon as possible by an experienced Orange County roofing company. Contact us today!

  4. How do I Know if My Roof Needs a Tune-Up

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    Your roof isn’t a simple thing. We all wish you could just throw the equivalent of a tarp over it, and call it a day. Depending on your materials, environment, and numerous other factors, your roof could be in desperate need of a tune-up before it requires serious overhauling. Here’s what to look for:


    • Vents & Jacks: Pay close attention to the seal surrounding these – they’re access points for rainwater and harsh winds to get under your roof tiles, and tear them up.




    • Skylights: If your home has skylights, you’re dealing with a large hole in your roof that happens to have a pane of glass over it. There’s a hundred different things that can go wrong with your skylight and seal; you can notice these by checking around the exterior, but signs may also appear along the interior/ceiling as well.




    • Ridge Vents: The seal around your ridge vent(s), better known as the “kitchen chimney,” can cause some serious issues. Mold and moisture buildup can affect your roof, the structural integrity of your home, and even occupants if those spores travel backwards, waiting to be inhaled. Pay attention for warped tiles/discoloring around the base.




    • Chimneys: While a lot of homes in Orange County don’t have chimneys, there’s still a fair amount, and they pose a risk to your roof’s integrity. Chimneys need to be inspected regularly, but it’s not just about the brick-and-mortar – it’s about the seal.



    How Often Should I Check my Roof?

    As part of normal yard/home maintenance, you should work in a quick inspection. Getting a tune-up for your roof is far less expensive than a roof replacement or overhaul. Working in a proper inspection will only take between five and ten minutes. If, for any reason, you suspect there to be other issues, you should contact your roofing company as soon as possible.


    Orange County’s Roofing Company

    We’ve been serving Orange County for years. With decades of experience between our expert team, we’re equipped to handle your roof problems as soon as they appear. Call us today 714-847-7663, and schedule your roof tune-up just in time for summer.

  5. 3 Telling Questions to ask your Orange County Roofers

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    With these three simple questions, you’re able to learn everything you need to know about the roofing company of your choice. One brief conversation with a representative of the company will outline everything you need to know about them, allowing you to make an educated decision in no time. Here’s what you need to know

    1. What insurance coverage do you have?

    Knowing what insurance your roofers have is absolutely imperative to your decision. The last thing you want is for your roofers to have a lapse in coverage, turning your home into a potential hazard. The representative from the company you’re speaking with will also have specific information, with the ability to provide proof of coverage prior to setting up an agreement. Roofing is a dangerous job; your company of choice needs insurance.

    1. Do you use subcontractors?

    Just because the company has insurance doesn’t mean each worker has insurance. If your roofing company is subcontracting work to other companies, you need to ensure that they have insurance and follow the same guidelines outlined in our third question.

    1. How long is the warranty on my roof?

    This one tells a lot all at once. When properly installed by manufacturer warranty specific information, your roof can last from ten to thirty plus years. However, if your company states that “The warranty won’t be valid” or “Doesn’t come with a warranty,” you are being misled. When done properly, you should have nothing to worry about regarding your roof life, or damages that occur as a result of improper components.

    Why Is It Important to Ask These Questions?

    While it’s not a common occurrence, you want to be certain that you’re not talking to a fraudulent company. When companies don’t carry the proper licensing or insurance, they’re a liability – they don’t deserve your business, and should not ethically be operating a company. Your peace of mind and the quality of your installation are the two ends of your decision to hire a roofing company. Without those in place, it’s a no-brainer: turn them away.

    The Roofers Orange County, CA Trusts

    With certifications, superior insurance, licenses and expert attention to detail, you’ll get your full warranty with your properly-installed roof, while receiving the service you deserve. Call or message us today for more information about what we can do for you.

  6. Why you Need Professional Orange County Roofers for your Home

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    Your roof is in desperate need of repair or maintenance, and you’re thinking of going the DIY route. Even with experience, there’s a list of reasons why you should go with a professional Orange County roofers as opposed to doing it yourself.

    You May Install New Pieces Incorrectly

    Not only is this bad because it may allow water to creep in or wind to get beneath your roof tiles, but you could void the warranty entirely. Warranties on roof shingles are very specific; if they aren’t installed correctly, and they incur damage or are removed entirely, then the company won’t replace them. We don’t need to tell you that roof replacement can be expensive, so why wouldn’t you want to benefit from 10-20 years of warranty coverage?

    No Risks

    Your roofers should be insured, meaning if anything happens on your property, you’ll be completely covered. Take out the risks of you slipping or falling off the roof by hiring a professional company, with industry-grade equipment to ensure the most minimal level of risk possible (and covering that 1% margin of error).

    Disaster Prevention

    Professional roofers are equipped with a keen sense of what your roof should look like. When you go it alone, you may not notice signs of depressed or “soft” areas on your roof that could end up being a real pain later on. By keeping your roof weatherproof on a constant basis, you can avoid consistent repairs or have to call a company/do it yourself two or three times. The right roofers will know what to look for and give you a detailed analysis of your different options to tackle that issue head-on.

    You Have Better Things to Do

    You’re busy maintaining your household, earning an income, and optimizing your living conditions. When you take the time out of your schedule to handle repairs on your roof, they could (and often do) take longer than expected, taking you away from where you’re needed most: with your family, making the decisions that impact their everyday life.

    The Best Roofers Orange County Has to Offer

    Go with the professionals, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Contact us today to get a quote and see what our Orange County roofers can do for your roof.

  7. Orange County Roof Repair: Do you Need your Weathered Roof Repaired?

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    One of the last things we think about when it comes to home maintenance is our roof. It’s one aspect of the home that we don’t notice until the problem makes itself apparent, and by that point, it usually wreaks havoc on your home. Repairing your roof is one thing; replacing the interior of your roof, replacing damaged or destroyed items due to weather, and repairing potential flood damage are all in an entirely different ballpark.

    Is Your Roof Sloping?

    Your roof is designed one specific way. If there’s any section of your roof that looks soft or depressed, you could have an upcoming crisis on your hands. These are usually weak spots in your roo that are most affected by rain and high winds. This is where you’ll encounter an issue during a heavy rainstorm, where immense damages could incur inside your home, and throughout the space between your roof shingles and your internal ceiling.

    Are Tiles/Shingles Missing?

    This is a common problem that needs immediate attention. Beneath your roof shingles, there’s often a protective layer to ward out drops of water that may seep through an aged roof, but they’re not meant to last a lifetime. Missing shingles could be allowing heavy amounts of water beneath your otherwise effective roof shingles, spreading damage in a rippling effect. Most of the time, homeowners call Orange County roof repair roofer for a few shingles to be replaced, only to learn that half of their roof is severely damaged.

    Does Your Roof Dry Unevenly?

    Have you ever looked at your roof after a storm and thought, “Why are there patches that haven’t dried yet?” Provided that your roof doesn’t get shade from a nearby tree or structure, uneven drying could be a sign that you’re getting weak spots throughout your roof. This is the optimal time to call your Orange County roof repair company to resolve this issue before it turns into a costly problem.

    If you’re noticing issues with your roof, or you’re living in an old home and haven’t touched the roof in over a decade, your roof could be damaged or run the risk of being severely damaged. Request a free quote & Call us today at 714-747-7663 to get started, and stop roof problems before they happen.