One of the last things we think about when it comes to home maintenance is our roof. It’s one aspect of the home that we don’t notice until the problem makes itself apparent, and by that point, it usually wreaks havoc on your home. Repairing your roof is one thing; replacing the interior of your roof, replacing damaged or destroyed items due to weather, and repairing potential flood damage are all in an entirely different ballpark.

Is Your Roof Sloping?

Your roof is designed one specific way. If there’s any section of your roof that looks soft or depressed, you could have an upcoming crisis on your hands. These are usually weak spots in your roo that are most affected by rain and high winds. This is where you’ll encounter an issue during a heavy rainstorm, where immense damages could incur inside your home, and throughout the space between your roof shingles and your internal ceiling.

Are Tiles/Shingles Missing?

This is a common problem that needs immediate attention. Beneath your roof shingles, there’s often a protective layer to ward out drops of water that may seep through an aged roof, but they’re not meant to last a lifetime. Missing shingles could be allowing heavy amounts of water beneath your otherwise effective roof shingles, spreading damage in a rippling effect. Most of the time, homeowners call Orange County roof repair roofer for a few shingles to be replaced, only to learn that half of their roof is severely damaged.

Does Your Roof Dry Unevenly?

Have you ever looked at your roof after a storm and thought, “Why are there patches that haven’t dried yet?” Provided that your roof doesn’t get shade from a nearby tree or structure, uneven drying could be a sign that you’re getting weak spots throughout your roof. This is the optimal time to call your Orange County roof repair company to resolve this issue before it turns into a costly problem.

If you’re noticing issues with your roof, or you’re living in an old home and haven’t touched the roof in over a decade, your roof could be damaged or run the risk of being severely damaged. Request a free quote & Call us today at 714-747-7663 to get started, and stop roof problems before they happen.

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