Orange County Flat Roof Materials & Repair

The slope of a roof is known as its ‘pitch’ and those with around a 10° or less pitch are considered to be a ‘flat roof.’ In Orange County, you see a lot of flat roofs on commercial buildings but they have seen a resurgence in use on residential buildings in the area in recent years. Flat roofs have been used for centuries, mainly in arid climates, but these days you have several choices when it comes to the adding your Orange County home with flat roof materials.

Types of Flat Roof Materials

Tar & Gravel Roof

The first type of roof material is one that most of us are familiar with for flat roofs – the traditional hot-tar-and-gravel roof. Once made simply of tar paper, these types of roofs have begun using more advanced materials such as fiberglass membranes but in general it is created from three or more plies of waterproof materials alternated with hot tar and layered with smooth stone. Gravel roofs are excellent fire retardants and is the least costly option for flat roofs.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, also known as EPDM, is a durable rubber material that resembles an inner tube. Engineered to resist damage from sunlight, EPDM can be glued, ballasted with stone or mechanically anchored with fasteners. EPDM is relatively light yet highly resistant to tears and scuffs and leaks are easy to patch.

Modified bitumen

Modified bitumen is a single-ply rolled roof that is impregnated with a mineral-based wear surface. Traditionally these roofs have been installed by torch-down application, meaning the adhesive is heated by flame as the material is unrolled, but these days there are affordable peel-and-stick systems available as well. As the torch-down application process does involve open flame, installation should always be completed by professionals.

Consider Flat Roof Materials for Your Orange County Home

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