New Roof & Re-Roofing Services

Sometimes, simple repairs and evaluations won’t cut it. Your roof is hurting – bad – and you’re looking for a serious overhaul. New roofs & re-roofing through California Roof Life provides you with more than an expertly carried-out roof and adherence to warranty-specific information, it gives you peace of mind.

There’s No Sales Pitch for Your New Roof

You know what you want, and we’ll give you our expert analysis on your home’s roof and the state of it. We don’t come in trying to push sales tactics or an agenda – you know what you need, and you know that you need it done right, which is why you’ve called us. The last thing you need is to stand inside your home while the roof is replaced, and wonder, “Are they going to try and sell me higher-priced materials?” We bring quality and our expertise to your needs.

Re-Roof Warranty Adherence

New rooftops have warranties that can last for a decade, up to thirty-five years (depending on the brand). However, those warranties won’t do you a lick of good if they’re not installed properly. When you’re getting an entirely new roof, proper installation is essential to redeeming your warranty. If you were to call upon it, inspectors from that company would come out, and ensure that it was installed right before granting you new roof materials and installation at no cost to you. We ensure that the job is done properly from the first tile, to the last nail.

California Roof Life Services

  • Full tear-off
  • Re-roofing
  • Full yard clean-up

It’s as simple as a phone call. We come out, remove the old roof, patch up your home with a brand new, expertly-installed and sustainable roof, and remove all the old debris. It’s like it never even happened. Our Orange County new roof services have never been easier to order; lean back, let us do all the work, and update you through the process with time estimates.

Prideful Work From Lifelong Orange County Roofers

We’ve been in this business for ages – there’s pride in a job well done, and the knowledge that we’re providing the residents of Orange County with sturdy and reliable solutions. You put your faith in us, and we’ll return it with nothing short of absolute excellence.

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