Your roof isn’t a simple thing. We all wish you could just throw the equivalent of a tarp over it, and call it a day. Depending on your materials, environment, and numerous other factors, your roof could be in desperate need of a tune-up before it requires serious overhauling. Here’s what to look for:


  • Vents & Jacks: Pay close attention to the seal surrounding these – they’re access points for rainwater and harsh winds to get under your roof tiles, and tear them up.




  • Skylights: If your home has skylights, you’re dealing with a large hole in your roof that happens to have a pane of glass over it. There’s a hundred different things that can go wrong with your skylight and seal; you can notice these by checking around the exterior, but signs may also appear along the interior/ceiling as well.




  • Ridge Vents: The seal around your ridge vent(s), better known as the “kitchen chimney,” can cause some serious issues. Mold and moisture buildup can affect your roof, the structural integrity of your home, and even occupants if those spores travel backwards, waiting to be inhaled. Pay attention for warped tiles/discoloring around the base.




  • Chimneys: While a lot of homes in Orange County don’t have chimneys, there’s still a fair amount, and they pose a risk to your roof’s integrity. Chimneys need to be inspected regularly, but it’s not just about the brick-and-mortar – it’s about the seal.



How Often Should I Check my Roof?

As part of normal yard/home maintenance, you should work in a quick inspection. Getting a tune-up for your roof is far less expensive than a roof replacement or overhaul. Working in a proper inspection will only take between five and ten minutes. If, for any reason, you suspect there to be other issues, you should contact your roofing company as soon as possible.


Orange County’s Roofing Company

We’ve been serving Orange County for years. With decades of experience between our expert team, we’re equipped to handle your roof problems as soon as they appear. Call us today 714-847-7663, and schedule your roof tune-up just in time for summer.

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