Orange County Clay Tile for Your Roof

Clay tiles are produced by baking molded clay. The length of time and temperature at which it is heated determines the density of the clay and many homeowners love clay tiles because the available colors range in shades of white, yellow, orange and brown.

Terra-Cotta is generally the most commonly used color, but an alternative to these natural earth tones is to add enamels in order to make any color of clay tiles that you desire. This process is called ‘ceramic’ and consists of spraying enamel over the tile before baking it.

Clay Tile Roof Benefits

Resistant to strong winds and unable to be destroyed in fire, and because of the way they are shaped, clay tiles protect your roof’s underlying foundation and creates an air pocket that helps to insulate and isolate any unwanted heat or cold from being transferred into your home’s attic space. Clay tiles also have a low total life-cycle cost when compared to composition shingles – they can last for as long as 100 years, maintaining their rich, warm, earth tones the entire time.

Clay tile roofs installation by a reputable Orange County roofing company like California Roof Life will not rot and they are resistant to insect damage. Plus, they stand up to heavy rains, winter freeze/thaw cycles and other extreme weather.

While clay tile roofs can be a bit more costly up front, their durability and beauty are two of the main reasons that so many homeowners decide to invest a little more in their home’s roof. Many homes built over the past few decades have been engineered to hold heavier roofing materials but if you have an older home, extra roof support may be necessary before installation.

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