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  1. 5 Reasons You Need a New Roof in Orange County Westminster CA

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    When you need a new roof in Orange County, you want to go for something that’s going to pop, but also something that’s super functional and gets the job done: protecting you and your family from the elements.

    1. Recent Storm Damage

    If you’ve endured a storm that’s knocked down a tree in your yard, you probably had it land on your roof, or at least nick it a bit. One of the biggest issues with this is that people think you can just repair this. In the event of even the least damaging tree or debris shatter on your roof, you’re looking at structural integrity loss. It’s about more than just the shingles, you need to reassess how strong your roof is.

    1. A Slow Leak

    Slow leaks are the most dangerous. You realize them only after they’ve racked up a bunch of damage in the hard to reach areas of your home. This includes you attic, the walls, and parts just beneath your roof tiles.

    1. Old Roof Tiles

    In many cases, roofing shingles or tiles are only meant to last as long as their warranty information states. It’s Murphy’s Law—the second the warranty runs out is the moment you’ll need to call on it. Sometimes when your roof is getting near the end of its days, you just need t to revamp before damage racks up beneath the shingles. If you just have to replace those, there’ll be nothing to worry about.

    1. Missing Shingles

    This may not seem like a big idea to have a missing shingle or two, but it’s damaging for so many reasons. Rainwater is going to rot the inside of your roof slowly over time, but also, when strong winds strike, they’re going to rip up other roof tiles like child’s play now that they have a way in.

    1. Roof Valleys

    This is one of the biggest issues: if your roof has these little valleys where the shingles are bowing in, it’s a signal of more than just shingle damage. It could be structural integrity, and more severe. In this case, you need to call a professional right away.

    The Best New Roof Orange County Has to Offer

    In need of a new roof in the Orange County area? You need a sturdy roof that’s going to last and stand the test of time; we have the solution.

  2. Why You Should Choose California Roof Life for Your Roofing Orange County CA

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    Think about this: you wouldn’t hire the plumber to clean up your yard, right? You wouldn’t hire a second-rate roofer to ensure the integrity of your home. Point is, you hire fine-tuned professionals for the jobs that they’re best at, the positions that they’ve been training for their entire lives. At California Roof Life, we put our heart and soul into every task.

    Generational Roofers

    We’re not just roofers—we’re representing a generation of roofers that have been working under the hot California sun for years, who have gathered knowledge not just from textbooks, but from tried and true experience working in blazing conditions, as well as garnering familiarity with every brand and type of roofing product available. We’re a mental and physical arsenal wrapped-up in a brand name.

    Licensed and Insured

    Any reputable company in the roofing business is going to be fully licensed and insured to provide their customers with the utmost safety and assurance. We know the risks, we know the rewards, and we’re fully prepared to handle all the legal drama if one of us were to be injured on the job. Injuries aren’t exclusive to any one company—they happen, and while they’re very minimalistic, they can’t all be avoided. That’s why California Roof Life packs our own insurance to take the stress off of you.

    Buy Local, Stay Local

    We’re a small business, and we’re local to the Orange County area. Supporting California Roof Life for your next project supports local roofers and commerce, keeping the well-oiled machine that is the American economy alive and well. When you go with California Roof Life, you’re siding on family, community, and local small business.

    When It All Boils Down to It

    You want to go with California Roof Life for a lot of reasons, and we’re flattered—we bring our experience, intelligence, insurance, and knowhow to the table to bring you the best solution for your budget. When you want a roof that will last, a roof that’s properly installed from the get-go, and a roof that you can rely on, you want California Roof Life.