Whether it’s due to mother nature or just old age, a leaky or unsightly roof is not something you have to live with in Orange County. Roof repair is one of our top specialties and when you call us, you get licensed, bonded and insured experts that know exactly what you need.

How to Find Services for Roof Repair Near Me

At California Roof Life we have been been installing confidence and restoring trust with Orange County homeowners since 1987. With a simple click you can request a free consultation and estimate by top Orange County roofers.

Our expert roofers will thoroughly assess your roof for free and you’ll get our expert recommendation along with other possible options. We’ll provide you with the details about your roof so you can decide how and when you would like to proceed.

Your free roof repair estimate will include:

  • Square footage of your roof
  • Damage & key problem areas that need immediate attention
  • A detailed report of everything you desire completed
  • Price estimate
  • Time estimate

Our Roof Repair Process

No matter if your roof is tile, composition, shake, or shingles, our expert roof repair process is perfect whether you have a residential or commercial roof. Roof repairs should be done by professionals and when you call California Roof Life, we’re going to treat you right from the moment you call us until we pull away from the curb for the final time. And unlike some roofing companies in Orange County, if you have a problem and call us for assistance – we’re there for you!

We Cover Residential Roofing

Homeowners that need roof repairs and estimates in Orange County can request a free quote and consultation today from California Roof Life. We begin with attention to detail, inspecting your roof thoroughly for more than the “average” potential damages. Underlying issues such as dry rot, weak or depressed patches in your roof, or broken seals that would allow moisture and rainfall to enter, building up to a ticking time-bomb of damage over the next few months or years. We understand every aspect of your roof and what it takes to provide meaningful, long-lasting repairs.

We Cover Commercial Roofing Service

Commercial buildings that need professional roofers in Orange County are in luck as well. With commercial roofs you could be experiencing an overall lack of maintenance. This could be an outlying series of issues, from potential critter damage to “pooling” water pockets on depressed sections of your roof – it’s anyone’s ballgame.

However, even if you need extensive repairs to your roof you’re still going to be taken care of. Every issue, big and small, can be taken care of by California Roof Life with just a simple click.

Orange County Roof Repairs for Every Issue

From our top-of-the-line materials to decades of experience, we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Visit our website to find out more information about your residential or commercial roofing repair or replacement needs. Stop living or working under a subpar roof and call California Roof Life today.


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