When you’re looking for the best roofers in Orange County, you’ve probably noticed one thing: there’s a ton of them. Quantity doesn’t mean quality. There are a few questions you can ask your prospective roofing company to feel them out, and understand if they’re right for you.


Are You Ready for Your New Roofers in Orange County?

Is your project at the stage where you should be actively seeking roofers? Most of the time, scheduling is tight and companies need to know if you’re serious or not before you begin inquiring. If you’ve hit the point where you know that you’re ready to pick up the phone, and have roofers come in very soon, you’re ready to go.


Do You Carry All Types of Insurance?

The last thing you want is to hire a company, allow them onto your property, pay a large sum of money, and then have something happen to them on your land. Having multiple types of insurance, including workman’s comp and liability, are a must when you’re going to hire any workers to be on your property for any length of time.


What Will You Do WIth My Old Roof?

There are a few things to think about concerning the old roof. First, you need to know what they’re going to with your old roof. You have to ask about the way they store refuse material, e.g., the old roof that’s being removed. Most roofing companies will have a container ready for storing the old roof so you won’t have a bunch of materials just sitting on your lawn. Apart from that, ask about the removal of that waste. Not every company is going to remove the discarded sections of the roof, so don’t assume that they will be going into it.


What Warranties Come With Your Roofs?

Most of the time, your roof’s future problems will go back to the roofing company, not just the shingle manufacturer. Get warranty information and be sure to read it over thoroughly so you know what it covers, what kind of roof you get (great for insurance purposes), and how to properly maintain it as time goes on.

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